What is Matter?

Matter is a new, globally uniform standard that reliably and seamlessly connects compatible devices in the smart home or commercial space. A standard designed and implemented by the csa (Connectivity Standards Alliance). Well-known manufacturers such as Apple, Google and Amazon are leading the way behind the new standard for smart home communication.

Which software can I use to control matt products?

For this purpose, you can use all certified matter controls: e.g. Amazon Alexa, Apple Ipad, Apple Iphone, Apple HomePod, Google Smartphones, etc. If there are more Matter-certified controllers in the future, they will also be able to automatically control all Matter devices in a network. When choosing the right control, the customer therefore has all possible and can also change this at any time without having to make major changes to the existing Smart Home.

Why do we use WIFI as the transmission site in our Matter2Dali Bridge?

Matter-certified products, e.g. from the lighting industry - which are controlled by means of a Matter2Dali Bridge - use WIFI as transmission technology (2.4 GHz), as this technology enables a better connection, better transmission performance and a fast response time, even at greater distances. In addition to WIFI, we also enable our customers to use Thread, i.e. communication protocol. Depending on the application, it is important to choose the right technology.

Is it possible to control Matter products with conventional push-buttons?

From Q2 2023, it will be possible to control all Matter products with a conventional wall push-button. Innovation Matter supplies the appropriate hardware to turn your existing wall switch (3-pole wired) into a Smart Home switch. This push-button can then be used with a wide variety of functions and control all Matter devices in the household.

For which hardware / for which devices is Matter interesting at all?

Matter is a smart home standard for communication for all devices in a household / an office / a restaurant etc.. The uniform language makes it possible for devices to communicate easily with each other. As an example: You switch on the Samsung TV > automatically the light is dimmed >closed automatically the position of the blinds is changed. Without having to do any major programming, as easy as operating a simple app in the Apple or Google universe.
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