matter - The smart home standard for all devices

For users:

Matter is the seal of approval that says smart devices work together reliably. It takes the anxiety out of the buying process for consumers, lets them choose from a wider selection of popular brands and offers them the convenience of a seamlessly connected home with just a few clicks.

For developers:

Matter is the uniform standard for networked devices that builds on proven technologies. With this basis behind them, developers can direct their resources towards innovations and smart applications.

For retail:

Matter is the IoT compatibility/communication standard that drives the growth of the smart home category, simplifies the customer purchasing process, improves consumer confidence and experience, and reduces training and operational costs.

Simplifying connected experiences

Better compatibility and easier connections

Ensuring reliable connections

Maintaining secure connections


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More than a specification

Matter offers a complete toolkit, from specification to open source SDK to certification and testing tools, that device manufacturers can use from day one to develop interoperable products. This is a groundbreaking work that aims to increase the acceptance of smart homes in the market.

Open and industry oriented

Matter was developed with input from hundreds of leaders and innovators across the industry and value chain working on consumer and commercial applications. And because it is an open source project, developers from across the industry and around the world can contribute to the technology.

Adopted by the whole industry from day one

Unlike other standards that require new hardware cycles and long roll-out times, virtually every smart home is already ready for Matter devices. Major smart home ecosystems and device brands will support Matter on hubs, smart speakers and devices that are already in millions of homes and on store shelves.

Matter Technology-Stack

Matter Technology Stack

Matter acts as a container that combines different protocols and technologies. The basis of communication is the IPv6 protocol. UPD and TCP are used as network communication protocols.

Bluetooth is used for the commissioning process at Matter.

Matter supports various physical transmission methods such as Wi-Fi or Thread.

WIFI I Bluetooth LE

A protocol to connect all Matter compatible devices. Smart home devices should be safe, reliable and easy to network.

Advantages of Matter:

• Multi-admin capability
• IP based technology
• 3-way wiring is sufficient
• Easy retrofit

The IoT smart home standard Matter refers to a set of technical protocols and standards that ensure interoperability and seamless communication between smart home devices and systems.

As smart home devices and technologies proliferate, there is a growing need for a common language and framework that allows different devices and systems to work together. The IoT smart home standard serves as a guide for manufacturers and developers to ensure that their products are compatible with each other.

The main standards and protocols relevant to the IoT smart home include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Z-Wave and Thread. These technologies provide different ways for smart home devices to connect to each other and to the internet, and they are often used in conjunction with each other to provide a more complete smart home experience.

By adhering to the IoT smart home standard Matter, manufacturers can ensure that their products are accessible to a wider range of consumers and can be easily integrated into existing smart home ecosystems. This can lead to a more streamlined and convenient smart home experience for consumers, as well as more innovation and competition in the smart home industry.

An overview of currently available or already announced Matter devices can be found here.

Unlike Casambi (as a closed system for controlling lights), Matter supports all smart devices in a home/office/restaurant/hotel, etc.

How could a smart home / an office / a restaurant with Matter then look exactly. See our reference example here.

Easy adding of Matter devices

Matter technology in practice

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