Matter pushbutton coupler / wall pushbutton module

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Use it to control all Matter devices in the building. Whether individual devices or scenes, use your wall switch to control Matter-enabled devices or scenes (consisting of different Matter devices).

Use Case: New installation
Make commercially available wall switches Matter-capable. Place the Matter – pushbutton coupler in the flush-mounted box / cavity wall box and make the wall pushbutton Matter-capable in no time.

Use Case: Upgrade existing pushbuttons to Matter
Upgrade existing wall switches and make them Matter-enabled. With the Matter pushbutton coupler, you can make existing or installed pushbuttons Matter-capable without having to change anything in the wiring.

Application examples (networking of different Matter devices)

  1. Scene “Cinema night” simply activate with the push of a button (TV on, lights dim, blinds go down, radio turns off)
  2. Scene “Turn off everything” – Turn off all Matter-enabled devices with the touch of a button
  3. Scene “Start of the day” Activate simply by pressing a button (blinds go up, lights come on, radio turns on)
  4. “Laundry is ready” The lights of the house give you an unobtrusive signal when the washing machine is ready


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Product features:

-Connection via IPV6 WLAN network
-4 Taster Inputs – 12 Kombinationen (short press / long press, multi press)
-Fits perfectly in commercially available flush-mounted boxes / cavity wall boxes with 68mm diameter.
-Matter / UL / ENEC certification in process
-Short press: <0,5s
-Long press: >0,5s
-Multi press press two times with <0.25s delay

Download datasheet:

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